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LITEX 686 LED Curing and Whitening Unit

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  1. State-of-the-art LED based composite curing light and tooth whitening system. Streamlined design directly mounts tdental unit, saving space.
  2. User friendly control panel for easy tuse curing and whitening functions.
  3. Fully customizable single visit bleaching procedure with Everbrite Tooth Whitening Kit and LED Whitening Arch.
  4. The latest Soft-Start Ramping function can effectively prevent shrinkage of composite materials.
  5. LED light intensity up to 2,000mW/cm2; only 3 seconds tcure a depth of 4mm.
  6. Cost effective; nbulbs treplace with a long LED life of 50,000 hours.
  7. LED Whitening Arch designed twhiten the whole anterior area of the patient旧 mouth.
  8. LED Probe and LED Whitening Arch are magnetically held and easily rotated 360?
  9. One-touch magnetic handpiece trigger ring.
  10. Optional bleaching stand with 3-section bleaching arm and rotatable trays available for versatility.

Specifications: 110V /200V 50/60Hz AC
Dimensions: L116 x W11 6 x H187 mm
Weight: 2 kg
Control Unit
Handpiece Cable
LED Probe
LED Whitening Arch
Eye Protection Glasses
LED Probe Cover
Power Cord
Whitening Stand
Order No. 128

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